Etsy Urban Hip Accessories, Week 1

For my very first post on my brand-new blog (many months in the designing, no months in the writing…), I’m beginning a project that I hope will last for a long time to come. Each Wednesday, I’ll choose one item from my shop on Etsy and from each of four other shops to feature together. Links to these other four shops can be found on the right side of this page, under the listing The Makers of Eclectic Accessories. They’re all original artists, and each one embodies an “urban hip” style (verbiage originated by Dennice Mankarious of Fringe – thanks again, my dear friend!). They’ve all become Etsy buddies of mine, and I’m proud to feature their work here, on what I hope will be a regular basis (my friends and family know my reputation for great enthusiasm, followed by great inconsistency, so we’ll see. Kaitlyn, please stop laughing this instant…). You can reach each of these items on Etsy by clicking on the photographs, and I’ve included a listing of their shops below. After this week, I’ll keep this post to a minimum, merely listing the photographs. Enjoy them, and please feel free to recommend these gifted women to friends and family!

Fringe – wearable fiber art and knitted accessories

Boring Sidney – unusual hats and headdresses

Talula – revamped jewelry, trinkets & other treasures

Bayou Salvage – never underestimate the power of debris to change your life

And me:
Leaves of Glass – urban vintage jewelry

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4 thoughts on “Etsy Urban Hip Accessories, Week 1


    Ok, 2 words>



    Welcome 🙂

    Blogging can be a regrettable habit – if it becomes one – so my sympathies are with you as you wake up one day and say “crap! It’s been ___ number of days since I posted! I must write something!”

    But then you will write something, right???

  2. DaveShack

    You need to try and come visit us this summer, in part because you really want to visit ShipWreck Beads, which is just up the freeway from us. They’re the main bead distributor in the US, and it’s a jewelry-makers dream to wander around their warehouse.

  3. Kateri

    Oh, I’d love to! I really miss you guys – I feel like we talk all the time, since I read your blog regularly, but in truth it’s been a very one-sided conversation. I think of you often. Life in Olympia sounds better and better and better.


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