here comes the boy…

It was a long wait to meet my nephew Grant, but I finally did, and really, he’s worth it. We got some quality bonding time in my four days in Reno. I got to get him up and feed him breakfast in the mornings, when he was still all cuddly. I’ll try to keep the pictures to a minimum, but I’m really very proud, and we spent a lot of time posing him in hilarious ways, so there are several here. I took some of these, but Abby shot most of the ones of Grant eating and playing on the miniature golf course, so photo cred goes to her.

First, and most important, a Fawaz
picture for Bethany. Fawaz is moving almost too fast to see, coming in for the tickle, and Grant readies himself for attack:
PDC, as Dad used to say.

The boy was excited to meet his aunt Faith…

…and to have his first lesson in chopstick use. Cheerios are easier than peas to pick up and hang onto. And when in doubt, grab the chopsticks with your hands to make sure they reach your mouth.

And while the rest of us played miniature golf, Grant climbed this tree for a better look. I swear. He kibitzed the entire game. This is how he looked after Abby’s second hole in one.My brother, my sister, my nephew, myself (Grant’s great-grandfather on my mother’s side never got to meet him, but he’d have been proud of his budding golfer):
And last but not least, Grant’s charming parents, and the reason he is so cute. Tim and Abby, thanks for a wonderful visit.
More tomorrow on the trip west and Twin Falls.

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6 thoughts on “here comes the boy…

  1. bethany

    once i can get over my agony at not having been there… these are some of the greatest pictures ever! looks like a lot of personality going on. many thanks for the fawaz shot.

  2. Leslie

    Maybe it’s a stupid question, but why, exactly, is the puppet called “fawaz”? Did Grant come up with that one?

  3. Kateri

    Bethany gave him the puppets for Christmas, and she named them. The lion is Fawaz (named, I believe, for a middle-eastern diplomat – do I have that right?), and there’s a dog named Mendelssohn.

  4. bethany

    Fawaz is named for the author of some book Ethan was reading for class at the time – perhaps a diplomat, I don’t remember. It was really more the sound of the word than the person himself that seemed relevant…


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