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Abby and I also got some nice bonding time during my stay in Reno. Among other arty projects we both worked on, I made her a bracelet. I ran out of silver wire (surprise) and she took me to a bead shop to restock. Some African turquoise caught her eye, so I made her a bracelet. It turned out really well, and I thought I’d post a picture. She doesn’t wear much jewelry, so I was very pleased that she asked for this piece, and even more pleased that she wore it every day I was there. It’s a little hard to see (I only had one book with me for background, and it’s not ideal), but you get the idea.

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5 thoughts on “new thing

  1. Dennice

    absolutely gorgeous. i love turquoise. it’s a healing stone. it is also supposed to center, or balance the life of the person wearing it…it’s one of my favorite stones.

    good job, kateri!!


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