Etsy Urban Hip, Week 5: Green Up, Twin Falls!

I love this little town. It’s full of kind and friendly people, and they’re all devoted to their beautiful state. The first thing people say when you meet them is “How do you like our Idaho?” Your Idaho is truly beautiful, and your resources, although they don’t include water, are extensive. But you have to expand your recycling program. Cans and corrugated cardboard alone cannot save the planet; I know it can be a time-consuming hassle, and potentially expensive, but you can do it. You gotta do it. So don your snappy accessories (made, in some cases, with recycled and/or repurposed materials), and green up!

bayousalvage: Garden District vintage cut velvet and metallic lace cuff from New Orleans, $36.00

fringe: Doll-Baby Shrug, $64.00

boringsidney: Industrial Waste Mantilla, $35.00

talula: No. 055 Irish Rose, $32.00

leavesofglass: Chinatown Earrings, $18.00

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One thought on “Etsy Urban Hip, Week 5: Green Up, Twin Falls!

  1. Dennice

    another beautiful ensemble, dearest! you are ahead of me this week. i will put my selections up today, just not sure when :). i love all the items you chose AND your think green mentality.



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