etsy urban hip, week 8: gumshoe fetish

It’s no secret, I love detective stories. I thrive on Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, The Continental Op and Roderick Alleyn, and summer brings out the yen even more. Irresponsible beach reading, and all that. My fixation has led me to launch a new series of jewelry, Noir, using light and shadow as design concepts. Watch for it, it’s coming… Besides, some detective fiction novels are exquisite works of literature in their own right: The Maltese Falcon, Mystic River, The Long Goodbye, etc., etc. And even if they’re trash, the lure of light vs. dark is irresistable. This week, for love of the gumshoes, some accessories that prove you can still be sexy, even on a stakeout.

For the ultimate in femme fatale fashion, indulge in Amarillis by boringsidney, $75.00

Never forget that detection always turns up more secrets than you expect. No. 148 Pandora by talula, $56.00

Powerful protection for those moments of heightened danger: Black and White but feeling Blue mojo cuff with vintage button by bayousalvage, $18.00
Stay cozy while waiting out those long stakeouts; wear fringe’s French Maid Cowl, $48.00

And, lastly, never forget your all-important Alibi, earrings by leavesofglass, $18.00

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3 thoughts on “etsy urban hip, week 8: gumshoe fetish

  1. Dennice

    oh, i love this week’s selection, k! it’s fabulous and so noir. i am a noir freak myself. especially with Bogie! The Big Sleep and Maltese Falcon…it doesn’t get any better than that. and you know what i think of The Long Goodbye…;-). i am so excited about your new noir line of creations!



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