etsy urban hip, week 10: I love the movies

Everything about them: the big screen, the big and little stars, the great lines, the bad lines, the storylines, even the sticky floor. And especially the moment when the lights go down. That’s my love of a sense of ritual at work. I’m going to go to a matinee today just because I can.

I was only looking for movie-themed items in our shops this week, but they turn out to be fairly color-coordinated as well (except for mine; but I think it works anyway). Nice work, girls. My guest feature this week is Louise Black; please visit her shop for more gorgeously original and weirdly gothic fashion.

Holly Golightly Luxury Shrug by fringe, $135.00

Mildred Pierce earrings by leavesofglass, $22.00
Pretty in Pink by boringsidney, $80.00
No. 150 Diva by talula, $48.00

Vampire Lestat Mojo III vintage tooled metallic leather and lace cuff all recycled from New Orleans by bayousalvage, $18.00

Marie Antoinette Pink Lace Rococo Party Dress OOAK by louiseblack, $235.00

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2 thoughts on “etsy urban hip, week 10: I love the movies

  1. Dennice

    another smashingly gorgeous list of creations, k…

    i’m so glad you chose louiseblack as your featured artist. she’s fabulous!

    i am mad about your “Mildred Pierce”! did you and Belle get together on the names, or did it just happen that way? it’s great!



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