heartbroken, but in a good way

I got a treasury spot on Etsy earlier this week, and built a treasury I’ve been planning to do for some time, focusing on graphic novels and zines. We have some genius authors out there, and I wanted to showcase their work. I got incredibly lucky today, and Jared, who is the administrative force behind Etsy’s brilliant interactive graphics, chose my treasury to be featured on the front page, so all these great artists got to be the first thing anyone saw today when they visited Etsy. Unfortunately, the only reason I know this is because my faithful friend Fringe told me about it. I, alas, was at the Simpsons Movie. The irony of my cartoon distraction is not lost on me. The sting is slightly mitigated because Jared commented that he wanted my treasury “to last forever.” As I am half in love with Jared, partly because of his own graphic genius with Etsy, but mostly because of his hair, that made me a little dizzy. Anyway, here’s the list. If I say so myself, I think it rocks.

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7 thoughts on “heartbroken, but in a good way

  1. Dennice

    k, this is such a wonderful graphic list. i’m so happy you made the front. why oh why didn’t i think to take a screen shot of it when it was there…? ugh! well, i think the message from jared is better even than that! ah jared, great hair, smart, innovative- you’re perfect for each other ,-)!



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