etsy urban hip, week 14: tutus, tequila & federales

I’m loving my girls especially much this week, as they’re helping smooth all my little annoyances with grace and goofyness. Here’s to a successful fall, ladies; you’re all delightful and I wish we could don our gay apparel and meet in person. Thanks for being the most supportive and hilarious Etsy-buddies I could ask for. As for my gentle readers, I apologize for the preponderance of inside jokes; enjoy our latest treasures (and have fun storming the castle)!

Vintage leather and crazy quilt cuff with skeleton key closure from New Orleans by bayousalvage, $24.00

Fast Lane Lariat by fringe, $42.00

No. 199 BROADWAY BABY by Talula, $26.00

Red Velvet Cake by boringsidney, $125.00

Absinthe Earrings by leavesofglass, $22.00

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2 thoughts on “etsy urban hip, week 14: tutus, tequila & federales


    Love the earrings – and their namesake. Thought of you last night. I shall have to email you the full text of the song from Silence! you shall appreciate it šŸ™‚


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