etsy urban hip, week ?!&#@: where’s the coffee?

I’ve been absent from this project for so long that it’s not even worth trying to explain. My many humble apologies to the talented sellers I try to promote in this space.

I was rudely awakened this morning by my building manager banging on the door – the property owners started doing quarterly sweeps with an exterminator to make sure there aren’t any bugs in the apartments, and it was apparently my turn in the rotation. There never are any bugs, it’s a lovely building; and I appreciate that they do this. However, I was not only not dressed, but not awake, not bathed, not toothbrushed and not equipped with contact lenses. So I lurched to the door, pulling on my jeans and mumbling like a zombie, and let in the very chipper, very chatty preemptive exterminator. She kept talking about how hot it was outside, and did I remember the winter of such and such, when it didn’t snow at Christmas. I did not. She was gone in less than two minutes, but it took me some time to adjust after the abrupt start to my day.

And then I found I was out of coffee, which is just cruel. I’ll have to settle for these lovely espresso-toned accessories. Enjoy, and may you never run out coffee.

Cappuccino Cowl by fringe, $56.00

Brown Beret by Boring Sidney, $30.00

Coffee and Beignets 2 creamy lace and vintage cafe au lait leather cuff by bayousalvage, $18.00

No. 010b Beth by Talula, $26.00

Tobacco Earrings by leavesofglass, $19.00

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