leaves of glass on chicagoist.com

A couple of weeks ago a features writer for chicagoist.com approached me about a new weekly item they’ll be doing on local Etsy artists. We did an email interview, and they posted it on the blog today, so with great pride I announce: Leaves of Glass on Chicagoist! Thanks for the opportunity to represent both my home city and Etsy. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for interviews with other Chicago Etsians. Long live DIY…

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7 thoughts on “leaves of glass on chicagoist.com


    Shazam, girlie girl! Good on you for the press and getting to use the words “Yankee pride” and “goldenrod paper” in an interview 🙂

    And the bracelet is tres beautiful…

  2. Leslie

    Wow, you sound all articulate and stuff in that interview … good on you! (And, yes, that bracelet really is gorgeous!)

  3. your adoring public

    Here I am, again, at the end of the internet. There’s nothing left to read. Post something, already! I’m bored! BORED!


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