c’mon, don’t be such a selfish bitch

So I’m sitting here watching Seinfeld, making jewelry, and an American Express giftcard commercial comes on. The first line of this masterpiece of marketing is, “This holiday season, give your best friend a relaxing getaway, and your husband a chance to let loose! With the American Express giftcard, give them both what they really want.”

No other examples of things you could give. No other people you might want to give gifts to. Just your best friend and your husband. This was followed by some other Amex-detail junk, but by then I was too distracted with plans for my best friend and my husband to pay attention. Um…

(in my very best Anna Russell voice, “I’m not making this up, you know!”)

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2 thoughts on “c’mon, don’t be such a selfish bitch

  1. Leslie

    But wait, what can your best friend and your husband do that will help her relax and help him let loose? I can’t really think of anyth … oh. Oh dear me no.

    SHAME on you, American Express!


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