spring sale and new designs

I’ve been reorganizing my workspace lately, and that always leads me to dozens of new ideas for jewelry designs. Add to that the fact that I’ve recently discovered two new sources for vintage materials, and you get a whirlwind of activity in my studio. I’ve been trying to get things made, photographed and ready to post before my spring wholesale orders start coming in, but I’m feeling a little flurried this week and frequently I can’t finish something before the next idea comes along, demanding to be heard.

I trust it will all eventually come together. I’m posting several new things this week, and I’ll be working on lots more this weekend. If the weather cooperates and I get good light for photographs, there should be an onslaught of new stuff in my shop in the next 10 days or so. I’ve found some incredible vintage lucite that I’m crazy about, so keep your eyes open for fun, lightweight, summery designs!

And in the meantime, to lighten my shop up and make some breathing room for all of this, I’m having a spring sale on several designs. Stop by and check it out!

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