weekly poem: i’m open for suggestions

It’s a gorgeous morning in Chicago, and I’m daring to hope that spring has finally arrived in my beautiful city. I need a suitably joyous and effulgent poem with which to celebrate, and nothing I’ve found is really scratching the itch. Show me what you have, people. Recommend your favorites, and I’ll choose something and post it here.

In the meantime, I leave you with this vision of loveliness, captured on my block about a month ago. See why I’m so pleased that warmer weather has arrived? Now the street-mattresses are much more dry and comfortable. Less chafing, you know.

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One thought on “weekly poem: i’m open for suggestions

  1. RustChic

    we quite like the spring too. in summer the humidity really gets to our street mattresses (and chairs, and sofas and the occasional futon)
    as you can well imagine…


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