Bling Around the Rosey (or, Shana Won’t Stop)

Shana’s been making fistfuls of rings with vintage enamel flowers, and I don’t seem able to resist them. It started with this one, which I obsessed over for about 10 days, and then bought. I wore it constantly, and had a dangerous habit of stopping in the street to admire its sparkle and wonderful chippy edges.

And then came this curvy, even chippier purple one. As you can clearly see, I had to have it. I mean, really. Look at the pale peachy edges just under the purple. Look at the graceful petals, and the sticky-outy middle bits.

But wait, there’s more…

She let me have this one, but I’m no longer allowed to leave the house without an escort for fear that I’ll walk right in front of a bus while I’m gazing lovingly at it. There’s an intervention scheduled for next week. And still she posts more rings

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4 thoughts on “Bling Around the Rosey (or, Shana Won’t Stop)

  1. shana

    you’re not safe as long as there are still vintage enamel flowers in the world, crying out to be made into rings.

    thanks friend. and do you want to start taking all my pics?!


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