friday. in which i entertain myself at the studio.

I spent several hours at the metal studio on Friday, practicing basic techniques on scrap metal pieces. I’m most interested in texture, so I did a lot of damage with a roll press, several hammers and stamps and a really beat up metal brush (I think I’ll bring my own next time…). And let’s confess, I annealed my copper unnecessarily at least twice because I just like torches and t
he pretty colors that the heat makes and that nifty snuffing sizzle that happens when you drop hot copper in water. Didn’t really come out with anything finished, but I did amuse myself by making two sets of matching copper tags that say grr on one, and argh on the other (I got carried away and added one too many r’s on grr. Extra fierce.). For those of you in the dark about why that’s funny, I venture to suggest that you may be watching the wrong tv shows.

Afterwards I went to Margie’s for an ice cream shake, because nothing’s better than metal studio followed by ice cream on a hot summer evening.

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