guerilla marketing: adorn your friends!

My friend Julia came to visit me a couple of months ago, and I made her a pair of earrings using vintage glass pearls I found at a flea market. Just a very simple, classic pair of drops on bright sterling leverbacks. They seemed to suit her beautifully. She wore them on the airplane home, and gave my card to a woman who admired them. The woman visited my Etsy shop and bought two pairs of earrings. Julia wore the earrings to the grocery store. The woman who rang up her order admired them, and Julia gave her my card as well. She ordered the same pair, and then commissioned me to make her a matching bracelet and necklace set to wear to her daughter’s wedding later this month. She was thrilled with them, and handed my cards and some printouts of pictures from my shop to her coworkers. And on it went…Thanks, JJ!

I neglected to take pictures of the custom bracelet and earrings before I sent them off, but this is the necklace. I’m pretty pleased with it; I wish I had more of these pearly, heavy textured beads, but I used the whole strand on the three custom pieces.

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