As I write this, the first tiny tentative flakes of snow are falling in Chicago. I know that’s cause for despair for a lot of people, but my Vermont childhood is still with me. I always find cold weather invigorating and the first snow downright enchanting (well, until February, anyway). It’s also a really great reason to go hunting for the perfect thing to brighten your home and keep yourself warm and toasty. So, in the spirit of the first snow, I give you cozy crafting delights:

Maltese Falcon blend tea from Tea Noir. A warming cuppa, with a little mystery, too:

Le Vieux Monde- Essence No. 17 (The Noble Knight) Candle from Tatine Candles. This is an earthy, spicy, complex blend of autumnal scents from a master candle artisan:

Toebiter Slippers for men or women from zerkahloostrah:

Andee Wristwarmers from Coo-koo-ri-koo. Cozy, beautiful, and made from recycled sweaters – what could be better?

Cherry Pie Scarf from fringe. The many (many!) scarves, lariats and cowls by fringe that fill my closet are a testament to her wonderful design eye and incredible quality. Always scrumptious:

Radcliffe Toasties by yokoo. Clever, adorable and perfect for keeping a harsh wind from your ankles:

One thought on “snow!

  1. fringe

    thank you so much, darling girl, for including me in this warm and cozy selection! i’m honored to be included.

    and might i add, i have an entire cork board filled with fabulous, glamorous, grit and sparkle leaves of glass creations! yippee!



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