congratulations, neil!

Following Neil Gaiman on Twitter is one of the small delights of my day. His dog is sick, but recovering. There’s no honey for his “almost but not entirely unlike tea” in his hotel room (quote actually by Douglas Adams, but big love to NG for reminding me about it). He’s attending the press junket for Coraline and tweeting incessantly throughout (p.s. I’ve just seen the 3D trailer, and it’s breathtaking). His mind moves like lightning, his spelling is admirable, I have no idea when he has time to write his brilliant books. It’s good stuff. And so I was extra pleased to sign into Twitter this morning and find that he’s just this very second won the Newbery Award for The Graveyard Book. Congratulations, Neil! Now go demand some honey for your tea; the marmalade isn’t going to cut it, and you have interviews to give.

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One thought on “congratulations, neil!

  1. Brenda // Phydeaux

    I adore Neil Gaman’s books and can’t wait to listen to The Graveyard Book! I agree, it’s been such a pleasure reading his tweets. 🙂 Yay on the new award! And if you haven’t read The Anansi Boys, you must do so immediately – it was just fantastic.


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