again, ew.

Continuing my occasional series on bad beverage ideas, I give you: clambeer.

Disclaimer: No actual beverages were consumed during the making of this post. All images guaranteed genuine, and obtained on the sly in Chicago’s finest liquor stores. No photo manipulation of any kind. Beverages may taste worse than they appear.

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10 thoughts on “again, ew.

  1. Shawna

    I’ve never tried this new clam beer drink and admit that the two entities probably should not converge, however!…

    There is a similar concept already in existence, which I’m sure is what inspired this beer product. Take it from a Canuck, folks: Canadians have an appreciation of a drink called the Bloody Caesar. It’s sort of like a Bloody Mary but with more flavor and spice. The Caesar (as its more commonly referred to as) integrates a single or double shot of vodka and clamato juice. As well as a dash of lemon juice, worcestershire and an optional hit of hot sauce. It’s all mixed together and placed in a lemon + celery salt rimmed glass; Adorned with a stalk of celery or speared cherry tomato).

    Theoretically, it doesn’t sound like a tasty alcoholic beverage at all. Realistically though, it actually tastes pretty good! I can hear most of you already saying ‘yuck!’ but I swear to you that it actually is tasty. I’m a big fan of beer, as is my Ohioan husband. When I told him about the Caesar, his mind couldn’t get past the clam juice part. But it doesn’t smell or taste overtly like one might expect. When he tried a sample of Canada’s beloved beverage, he expected to hate it with a passion and wound up liking it a lot. With all of the ingredients, mostly used in cooking, I joke that the Caesar is the closest you’ll get to a liquid meal. Anyway… I’m hesitant to try this clambeer but I’m gonna give it benefit of the doubt until I am brave enough to sample it. That may not be for a long while though 🙂

  2. coolsisters

    When I was a kid, my dad would mix a icy cold beer with equal parts tomato (or clamato) juice in a big tumbler to enjoy after mowing the lawn on a steamy day. Trust me, VERY refreshing. Maybe its a Midwest thing.


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