family poll, please.

I was on the phone with my youngest sister for a couple of hours this afternoon, mainly talking movies and figuring out how to find and/or upload things online. While we were doing this, I dug out my baby album and scanned in some old photos to send her. One of them is a truly lovely three-generation picture of my mother, my maternal grandmother, and me, and while I was scanning it, I noticed something. Family, please vote: does anyone else think Mom looks remarkably like Faith in this picture?

Not so much in the second one, but in profile it’s striking.

And this one I’m posting not just because it’s charming (can you believe how red that old couch looks in this pic?), but also to showcase Dad’s early 70’s threads. Excellent.

4 thoughts on “family poll, please.

  1. fringe

    sweet heavens, i love old pictures. is it just me or did you have red hair as a baby? so so adorable!

    can i just say that i love your mom and dad’s clothes in these pics?


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