blog post: in which i resolve to be worthy.

I found this lovely piece of handmade vintage on the front page of Etsy, and I had to have it. I know there’s a recession; I’m just doing my part for the economy. Anyway, that’s my story. The fabulous AquaVelvet gave me a stunning compliment and told me I knew how to rock the vintage. I fear it’s not really true. Amongst my inner circle, I’m well known as something of a frumpy dresser. I favor jeans, boots and long sweaters, and usually resemble a sort of perky longshoreman in disproportionately fancy earrings. When this package arrived, however, I realized I was going to have to step up my game. It’s time to start really rocking the vintage. I’ll do my best, AquaV, thanks! Check out AquaVelvet‘s Etsy shop for more exceptional vintage items, and you can rock too. (She also makes gorgeous jewelry, available at

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2 thoughts on “blog post: in which i resolve to be worthy.

  1. Amy@AquaVelvet

    Ha, you are truly a breath of fresh air! This purse was made for the perky longshoreman with the super beautiful earrings. These accessories instantly glam up that long sweater of yours. And we all know it is all about the accessories. :~)

    Thank you for your beautiful jewelry work, your gracious words and lovingly adopting Roberta Dixon’s vintage handiwork. I know wherever Roberta is, she would be so pleased and probably find this quite amusing, eh?


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