etsy in action: big city linen bag

My Big City Linen Bag
(vintage orange enamel flower pin by

One of my all-time favorite Etsy purchases is my Big City Linen Bag by tortillagirl, which I bought last summer and carried every day for months. This week I’m singing her praises by showing off the Spring 2009 outing of this treasure. It’s beautiful, it’s sturdy, and best of all, it’s machine washable (an essential in my case). This week, my Big City bag has toted the following with grace and ease:

* One wholesale order and a handful of individual orders, to the post office.
* One wholesale order to a local boutique (where I put the bag on a vintage theater bench, and despite the fact that it was full of my stuff, shoppers admired it and thought it was for sale).
* Assorted book purchases:

Thursday Next, by Jasper Fford
Mothers and Sons, by Colm Toibin
Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman

*My current commuting reading: The Best American Non-Required Reading, 2007 edition
*Current issue of W Magazine
*One pound of fresh kolache, apricot & raspberry, from a local bakery
*Macaroni & cheese leftovers after meeting a friend at a pub
*Health insurance renewal documents
*A purchase from, retrieved from the post office (gorgeous!)
*One bottle of sauvignon blanc
*One bottle of chardonnay
*One green sweater
*One green umbrella
*Pliers, chain, wire and beads for an order I finished at the office
*Shipping supplies
*…and myriad other daily necessities that travel with me: phone, mineral makeup from, assorted loose pairs of earrings, wallet, notebook, camera, flash drive, gum, a small forest of pens, change, and used train tickets that grows like moss in the pockets, and on and on and on…

Thanks, tortillagirl, I love my bag! You can buy one here:

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8 thoughts on “etsy in action: big city linen bag

  1. fringe

    Excellent post, dearest! As another owner of the Big City Bag (I think I bought mine a day or two after you did?), I must say that I agree with you completely. It’s perfect. I brought mine out from winter hibernation a couple of weeks ago.

    I believe I can add an assortment of odds and ends to your magnificent list of contents; knitting needles, crochet hooks, scissors, tape measure, yarn, can of diet coke, a Target bag containing 2 tank tops and 2 summerweight cardigans, a pair of flip flops, an entire box of See’s Candy, and a giant blue and green bracelet made of balloons.

    Thank you from me too, tortillagirl!

    P.S. The only thing my Big City Bag is missing is a cookoorikoo pin. I intend to remedy that post-haste.

  2. Brenda // Phydeaux

    Woweee! I’ve been wanting my own this year, may be ordering in mere moments! BTW, Kateri, I absolutely adore Thursday Next – great taste, my friend! And Anansi Boys? One of my very favorites (the audiobook was priceless)!

  3. Becky

    WOW! It makes my heart sing to know that you’re still using your bag! I just pulled mine out, too. The weather was a-callin’ for it. (I now double interface and line the bags with canvas – I tote *so much* stuff in my own I decided to give the current ones a little extra armor, but my own still holds up like a trooper. Hee hee!)

    Thanks so much for this blog post. You made me very happy 🙂

  4. Tim and/or Abby

    I was just thinking how I need a big bag – probably bigger then this one. I was a backpack girl before but now I can’t take it – mommy needs a big bag once in a while!

  5. MauiDiveGirl

    oh you saved me. it’s so hard to find a cool-big-bag-for-everything among all the “envirobags”. big fan of your blog and jewelry and missing chicago!


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