happy father’s day to the dads in my family

To my dad, thank you for being a wonderful father and support (and a loyal follower of this blog!). I love you. To my beloved brother, it’s a joy to see the love and pride you have for your son; thank you for bringing him into our lives! I love you, too.

I wish I had some digital pictures of my grandfathers, but I don’t. My maternal grandfather passed away several years ago, but I want to express my love and pride for him. I miss him, and I wish I’d known him better. My paternal grandfather is very close to my heart, and certainly an inspiration to my creativity. He’s a brilliant craftsman and woodcarver, and even in his mid 90’s is still very active and spends much of his time “helping the elderly people in the neighborhood” (who are a decade younger…). He doesn’t own a computer, but here’s my love letter anyway – Grandad, you’re knit into my heart and my bones, and I love you.

My darling dad climbed a tree. Just last winter. He’s spry.

My dad and me. I’m the small one.

My father with my sister, when she earned her doctorate in physical therapy. I think this picture is a perfect representation of how he feels about his kids.

My brother Tim, making pizza with his son. My favorite pictures of Grant are all ones where he’s doing a miniature version of something Tim is doing.

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4 thoughts on “happy father’s day to the dads in my family

  1. . Phydeaux . Phydelle .

    Oh, how I loved reading this! So many wonderful fathers in your life – and your dad raised a great bunch of people! (I suspect your mom had something to do with that, too…) Perhaps every day should be Father’s Day – one day a year isn’t quite enough to let them know how much we appreciate and love them! xo

    p.s., thanks, sweets, for the nice shout out on here! šŸ™‚

  2. Leaves of Glass

    My mom did indeed have something to do with it :). I wish I’d done a post for Mother’s Day too, but May got away from me and I neglected it. But thanks to my lovely Mom too! xo


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