decadent pleasures

Is there anything more indulgent than a nap in the middle of the afternoon? Now that it’s summer, and I’m lucky enough to be at home, I’m in a frequent nap zone. The only thing that can increase my pleasure in a good nap is if it’s a really sunny, hot day and I can turn on the air conditioning, draw the blinds and really shirk some responsibilities. A good nap on a sunny day requires one perfect accessory: an eye mask. Don’t panic, I have just the thing. Before you unplug the phone and fluff the pillows, take a minute to complete your nap ensemble.

Annie Wilson, the stylish and hardworking creator of poetic & chic, has launched a line of handmade accessories using vintage barkcloth fabrics. I’m the proud owner of one of Annie’s vintage barkcloth eyemasks, and it’s increasing my nap enjoyment immensely! These pretty masks are beautifully made, with a cool and luxurious 100% silk black charmeuse on the back, and just a handful of deliciously fragrant lavender hulls sewn inside. They smell heavenly, and they block out those fierce afternoon rays to perfection.

Sourdough products are currently available on Etsy, and you can read more about Annie’s wonderful designs at Sourdough online. In addition to the essential eyemask, she also makes adorable jackets with chic lines and retro fabrics. If you’re in San Francisco, look for Sourdough at the Renegade Craft Fair on July 18 & 19.

Now go slack off, ladies; I salute you!

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