saturday’s child is full of pie

I spent the better part of the day yesterday engaged in a labor of love that resulted, eventually, in a Pear Gruyere Pie. The recipe doesn’t belong to me, so it’s not posted here, but I’ve linked to it if you want to try it. The lovely and pie-centric Pushing Daisies aired its final episode two weeks ago, and Shana and I decided to save it until we had time to bake pies and celebrate/mourn properly. Yesterday was the day, so I made my pie and Shana made a sensational cherry pie and homemade vanilla ice cream. We had a simple dinner of cheese, bread and grapes, accompanied by a strictly necessary quantity of wine, and feasted ourselves on pieapalooza and grief as only true TV fans can do.

The weather in Chicago this week is pie-unfriendly, so I had the air conditioner on high and a couple of times I had to throw the dough in the freezer while I was working to keep it from absorbing too much moisture. There were a few places where the crust was too thick and didn’t quite crisp all the way through, and the filling could use some extra pow; next time I make it I think I’ll try adding some citrus to the poaching syrup. Still, all things considered, I think my pear pie turned out beautifully and I’m going to enjoy having both pear and cherry leftovers this week.

Au revoir, Pieman. Goodbye, Chuck and Olive. Kisses to Digby and Pigby and Aunts Lily and Vivian (I bought an eyepatch because of you). Emerson Cod, I hope to see you around. I’ll miss you.

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6 thoughts on “saturday’s child is full of pie

  1. Katie

    Your pie turned out beautiful! Great photos too.
    I always wanted to watch that show, but would forget that it was on, thus I never got into it. It did seem like a good one though.


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