yes, please.

I was doing a little late summer browsing and found good stuff by clever people. I’m just sharing because I like you.

Let’s start this wish-list off with a bang. This is Agatha Crispie. She’s my latest obsession, and she’s made with loving care and hand-glittering by andreakett. $56

Are you looking for the perfect hat? The one that will set you apart and make your eyes even bluer and your step even springier? Me too! Look no further, here it is. Vanessa Kensington 1960’s Bubble Hat by BoringSidney. $55

Quirky, tweedy, adorable perfection. Pinstriped Whale Skirt, by unelephantrose. $38

I love everything about this scarf – the skinny shape, the colors, the pattern, and the fact that Fray not only designed and crocheted it, she also dyed and spun the yarn. One of a Kind Moving Forward Scarf. $78

nivenglassoriginals is another new obsession of mine. Her shop is chock full of these clever fused glass brooches, made with plenty of style and personality. Harlow Diva Brooch. $18

Any excuse – and I mean really, any – to buy a new bag. I love this Green and Grey Multi Dot handbag by apinkmilk. $117

I love DivineRose‘s bright and chunky jewelry. She has a wonderful eye for color combinations, and of course I’m a sucker for anything made with vintage elements. This stunner is on sale! Floral Charm Bracelet – Lemon Lime Turquoise. $75

Ok, really. How cute is that?! Gothic Chic Felt Mounted Deer Head with magnet by PlanetFur. $12.50

Fresh, summery, and clever.
Lemon and Lime Resin Ring by pennydogaccessories. $16

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