30 songs

Challenged, prodded, reminded and gently nagged by a dear friend, I responded to a Facebook list posing the following question:

What are 30 songs you cannot live without? Ones that come on and you have to totally STOP what you’re doing just to listen, or break out into intolerably loud singing, or dance. You know, you won’t get out of your car until they’re over. Or you will dance down a supermarket aisle with nary a care. And you can listen to them over and over and never get tired of them.

I don’t tend to do well with the choosing of favorites, so this isn’t in any kind of order and I’m sure I’ve left out something crucial, but these are all definitely songs I love. Try a list for yourself, and post it on Mike’s blog. He’ll be thrilled. I should really hyperlink these, but if I wait for the time it’ll never happen. So here, unlinked, is my list (And I’ve already thought of something I left out. Sorry, Ben Folds.):

1. Killer Queen – Travis

2. The Queen & the Soldier – Suzanne Vega

3. Simple Twist of Fate – Bob Dylan

4. Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair (live version off The Colpix Years) – Nina Simone

5. Pounding – Doves

6. Say Yes – Elliott Smith

7. Lion Song – Jason Harrod

8. Thursday – Morphine

9. Fake Empire – The National

10. Do You Love Me – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

11. Come On Up to the House – Tom Waits

12. You Can’t Always Get What You Want – The Rolling Stones

13. Polaroids – Shawn Colvin

14. The Boxer – Simon & Garfunkel

15. Invitation to the Blues – Tom Waits

16. Bachelorette – Bjork

17. Long as I Can See the Light – Creedence Clearwater Revival

18. The Great Beyond – R.E.M.

19. Pot Kettle Black – Tilly and the Wall

20. Steal My Kisses – Ben Harper

21. Galileo – Indigo Girls

22. Running to Stand Still – U2

23. Crazy Love, Vol. II – Paul Simon

24. Polyester Bride – Liz Phair

25. Standing in the Doorway – Bob Dylan

26. Chain of Fools – The Commitments

27. Shuffle Your Feet – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

28. Cactus – Pixies

29. Mofo – U2

30. This Must Be the Place (Naïve Melody) – Talking Heads

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One thought on “30 songs

  1. Clementine

    Ooooh, good list. We have similar tastes. Except for the Bob Dylan (sorry!) Didn’t know Travis did a cover of Killer Queen! And Polyester Bride and Naive Melody are definitely two of my faves. I might have to do this over on my bloggy…


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