crush month: day 16

The Fabulous Kate. Here we have an excellent picture of Kate, with a nice gingerbread man, in front of a truly sensational candy-covered Christmas tree in a very pretty mint-and-pink room. All very good things, which cheered me up quite a bit today.

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2 thoughts on “crush month: day 16

  1. Jennifer Chandler McKeag

    Kate has a current fascination with gingerbread men. She’d never had one until last week. She thinks they are cute and loveable. She talks to them. Even as she eats them she continues to treat them as friends. She does that with meat at dinner too.

    Once she held a scallop in her hand, petting and loving it until I said, “You know I won’t let you keep that. When dinner’s over you either will have to eat it or throw it away.” She ate it, but plans to be a scallop farmer when she grows up.


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