crush month: day 27

Today’s crush is very confusing. I can’t choose among four women. I’m enjoying my first designing blitz in the whole of my two week vacation, and I’m watching Julie & Julia. This movie is so pleasing and satisfying, and I don’t know who is making me happiest: Julie Powell, the author of the original blog and book Julie & Julia; Amy Adams, who plays Julie; Julia Child, who was and remains an all-around enchantress; or Meryl Streep, on whom I have a lifelong girlcrush. I don’t suppose it matters much. I’m very happy right now, and took a few minutes out (while Julie’s stew is burning) to tell you about it. Now back to watching people cook, while I happily make jewelry and think about cooking. No time for hyperlinks; if it’s possible that anyone doesn’t know about this movie, may I recommend Google: your friend and mine.

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