crush month: day 31

This was a tough one. There are a lot of options for a crush on the very last day of a year, while visiting your childhood stomping grounds in New England. For a while there, I was even considering having a crush on the conversation with my siblings wherein we discussed what I should do for a crush. But then Bethany reminded me of something we saw early this morning while we were driving to Woodstock to go shopping (Gillinghams!), and it was clearly the crush month winner. The Maple Grove Bakery hearse. Yes, indeed, you read that right. As we were turning off of I89 to drive through Quechee, we were behind a hearse with a giant cardboard sign in the back window that read “Maple Grove Bakery.” It’s a pastry delivery hearse. We weren’t swift enough with the cameras to get a picture, but I googled it when we got home and found the picture above. This is the actual vehicle, but the picture was taken by the previous owner and was on her website with the information that it’s now the delivery vehicle for Maple Grove. Only awesome.

Happy New Year, all! For my next blogging project, something more ambitious, at which I may or may not succeed. Stay tuned…

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