a project of blinding sparkleocity.

I’ve been working on earrings for a wedding party for the last several weeks: five bridesmaids and a maid of honor. The bride wanted everyone’s earrings to be different, but thematically similar and to fit with their colors for the wedding: silver and crimson. Her (brilliant and thoughtful) logic is this: all these women know each other and when they go out somewhere and want to wear this jewelry again, the chances are that at least some of the others will be there, and no one wants to be wearing the same earrings as someone else. So, six different designs.

I wanted to choose one bead to use as an anchor that would appear in each design and tie them all together. I chose a vintage garnet Swarovski sunshine crystal to be the common denominator, and made everything else as different as I could.

We finalized the designs last weekend, and these are the results. I’m pretty pleased with them. And I’m looking forward to the wedding. Congratulations J & C!

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