they say it’s a buyer’s market

One of the CSIs from the crime scene diorama in Science told Pellet that he got a sweet deal on a corrugated cardboard ranch house over in the T wing. Built-in astroturf, and locker-adjacent. So yesterday Pellet rolled on down to Introduction to Architecture to see if there was any tempting real estate for a single hamster with slight coffee stain and original tags.

As you can see, he found some appealing homes, but none of them really seemed ideally suited to him.

This one already had dust bunnies living in it.

This one has a nice yard and some attached rental properties, but Pellet doesn’t want to take on the responsibilities of being a landlord. That can be awkward if you own in a neighborhood where your home may be whisked away overnight without warning by something called a Physical Plant. (He’s never seen a Physical Plant, and doesn’t know much about botany, but it’s a scary thought.)

Well, this is just silly, obviously.

This one was very tempting and he was close to making an offer on it, but at the last minute he got self-conscious about frightening the neighbors and decided against it. Not everyone is cool about hamsters who are as tall as their house.

So in the end he came home to his toasty spot under the monitor.

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