keep going, we’re almost there.

This is my last week to prepare for the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin. I think I have plenty of jewelry made, but I’m feeling the pinch on the technical/packing/planning list of things that remain to be done.

This week’s shop update will be my last before the Austin trip, and I may not be able to do another one until the last week of May. So of course I’m not ready yet. The photographs I took yesterday did not, for the most part, turn out well. I forgot to photograph a couple of items. And I didn’t do the hanging earring pictures. This morning I thought of one more thing I want to do. And so on and so on…

Rather than rush it and use photos I’m not happy about, I’m going to do my shop update on Friday this week instead of Tuesday. That will allow me to include any last-minute new things I think of this week, and give me a chance to reshoot the pictures without having to sacrifice something else. Like, say, doing the laundry or eating dinner.

So: one sneak peek, above, all red and sparkly. More to follow throughout the week as I work on it.

And as a consolation prize, here’s a picture of my brand-new bright purple hair! (Arty fuzzy black edges added because it’s a phone pic with my really messy apartment clearly visible in the background.) Now, back to the to-do list. See you on the other side…

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