sneak peeks and a retraction.

With the gifts of some good light and a few extra hours for work, it turns out I’m able to post this week’s shop update almost on time. New pieces will be going up at Leaves of Glass this evening. The part of the process that will suffer from this is sneak peeks ahead of time part. As soon as I’ve posted this, I’ll start writing descriptions for the new items, so there will only be a lag of a couple of hours between peeks and listings.

Several of this week’s pieces were inspired by a lilac bush that I saw blooming against a brick building. I loved the combination of creamy purple and rust red, so that’s what I’m focusing on for your sneak-peeking pleasure. There will be several other pieces as well, but I’ll let those be a surprise. (There’s also a bracelet that will have to go live tomorrow, as I seem to have left the pictures on my computer at work – yet another in my small comedy of errors for the week.) The photographs at the top and bottom of this post are closeups of actual pieces I’ll be listing, and the rest are some beautiful things I found on flickr that evoke the same feel.

Thanks for bearing with me during my week of crazy!

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