where’s my lost shaker of salt?

Sigh. Austin was sultry perfection in every way and I’m having serious withdrawal pangs. The weather was beautiful, the city was fun and low key and welcoming, and chock full of good food and good music and good antiques and books and ice cream and boots and other people with hair that’s silly like mine. I was fortunate to travel-and-Renegade with a group of talented, smart, easygoing and dry-witted friends – I highly recommend this if you’re going anywhere. I recommend my specific people, actually. I’ve booked them for my next trip already, but maybe you’ll be lucky and they’ll take you somewhere after that.

In addition to traveling on the buddy system, I also got to see my sister and her husband, who drove down from Arkansas to go to Renegade, see me and visit some friends. And then it turned out that someone I grew up with also lives there now, and I ran into him. All roads, it seems, lead to Austin.

My camera was doing a weird thing all weekend and seems to have disappeared a number of my pictures. The ones I have are mostly from the antique mall that Shana and I decimated on Friday, and from Saturday evening while we were waiting for the bats. (Yes, bats. More batnews later. Stay tuned to the same batchannel.) In the meantime, here are some of the survivors, and I’ll have a few more posted on flickr in a couple of days.

Bethany & Ethan (formally known as Chuckles & Mr. Chuckles,
as indicated on their marriage license…)

Kathy & Nancy


Shana found something frightening at the antique mall…

…and here it is.

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3 thoughts on “where’s my lost shaker of salt?

  1. Red Chair

    Miss K, it sounds like a wonderful trip! I wish I could have been there to see you kick serious butt at Renegade! All those perfect creations of yours . . . . I’m glad you had so much fun!

  2. chuckles

    How great is that picture of Kathy and Nancy? Also like the one of Shana and Shawn on Twitter. #stalking


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