the haul

My friends, I bought beads. Lots and lots and lots of beads. My Friday was spent wandering the aisles at the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee. Shana came up and met me in the late afternoon, witnessing my lunacy and carrying my stash when it got so heavy that I became delirious. My truffle hunt at long last exhausted, we went to Comet Cafe and had drinks and dinner. I spread the haul out on the table and sat brooding over it, drumming my fingertips together a la Mr. Burns (Shana’s Amazing Technicolor Dream picture above for proof). I’ve spent several hours today making new vintage Lucite pieces for urban legend, and hope to make a few more tomorrow. The picture above is your pre-sneak-peek – there will be more photographs tomorrow afternoon to whet your appetite for Tuesday’s shop update. Sleep sweetly, and dream of candy-colored beads.

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3 thoughts on “the haul

  1. Clementine

    NICE. The Beadin Path folks tweeted a photo of their booth and I instantly pictured you laughing maniacally as you scooped whole armfulls into a giant carpetbag. 🙂


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