new things: a list

(fetching picture of my niece & nephew by their mom, my talented sis-in-law, Abby)

In the downtime between going to Faith’s wedding, and getting pictures to post from Faith’s wedding, I offer you a list of things I saw last weekend that I’ve never seen before:

1. My niece Calli
2. Mount Rainier
3. A magpie in flight
4. My new brother-in-law
5. The guy in the seat next to me taking off his shirt mid-flight to change into something cooler
6. The Space Needle
7. A truly huge albino rabbit
8. A tall and narrow man in pleat-front khakis and a saffron orange sweater belting out Hit Me Baby One More Time
9. A hand-fastening ritual
10. A four year old really, really, REALLY excited about ottomans

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