here be chaos.

It has long been my plan to have an orderly process wherein I make new things, take photographs in batches, promote through the use of blogging and sneak peeks and then list the new items in my shop(s). This is a perfectly reasonable plan, and would, I feel, work out well. Stuff keeps getting in the way of my reasonable plan, though – namely my actual job that I get paid to do. It’s shameless, really, the way this actual job interferes with my reasonable plan.

All of which is to say that once again I have sneak peeks mere hours before my shop update, which is almost pointless. Still, here they are. I’ve been lucky to find some spectacular rare beads lately, and they’ll be turning up in new pieces starting this week. Cotton pearls in shiny green turquoise; glass spiderweb beads in black and red; and carved Lucite treasures I’ve never used before.

Because my time at the office is so chaotic at the moment, I’m also planning to list things in my new Leaves of Glass shop throughout the week (instead of just on Tuesdays) to lessen the urgency of preparing several listings at once. Updates for urban legend will remain on Tuesday for the time being.

This week is also the launch for a collaborative project that I’ve been working on with Shana of cookoorikoo (keep an eye on her blog for more details, and spot one of the collaboration pieces below!).

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