guest post: kaitlyn’s vacation, part 2

Long day of travel yesterday ending in in Cancun last night where I immediately met Lauren, a cute Australian girl who was also waiting on the bus to Playa del Carmen. She’s a paramedic and where she lives they have a hyperbaric chamber and a diver emergency phone line so she fields a lot of interesting calls, like this call they got from kids on a boat freaking out after a shark attack. She said it was like something out of Jaws or a horror film. Crazy stuff. It was fascinating to talk to someone whose job is so different from mine.

We rode in to town together and then shlepped our luggage down the main road of Calle Quinta to find dinner at 10pm. Steak tacos and guacamole with a cold beer in an outdoor café while watching the international world of Playa walk by? Yes please. The weather is balmy and humid and perfect and my hotel had folded my towel into the shape of a swan, which brought back delightful memories of Guatemala.

I got nowhere near enough sleep so I could get up and go diving. The only problem with this pursuit is the freaking earliness of it all. And of course, my hotel doesn’t have internet access in my room so I’m sitting in a different outdoor café with an iced coffee and a chocolate muffin finishing this in a hurry. I know, I know, it’s rough.

More later.

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