serving two masters.

Traditionally it can’t be done, but I’m stubborn.

I have a small business that I need for my personal joy, and a full time job that I need because it pays for things. I’m also single, so everything that happens in my life is done by me – taking out the garbage, cooking dinner, answering email, designing the next crazy asymmetrical pair of earrings, remembering to order tissue paper, picking up prescriptions – whatever it is, I do it. (Except for driving to work. Sometimes Leslie does that. It makes a nice break, and sometimes I read to her in the car. Or making Saturday dinner. Shawn & Shana do that.) So I often run into situations where I have to serve two masters simultaneously, or drop the ball on something. Today, for instance. There was a storm last night, and along with a lot of very cold rain there was a strong wind and some biggish hail. When I got home, I found that my cable was out – internet & TV, thank you very much. The day before a weekend. When I had thought it might be nice to do a sale. I also have some new pieces I wanted to put up for sneak peek posts. The cable was still out when I got up this morning, so I grabbed my camera and several pieces on the way out the door.

It’s been kind of a hectic week at work, and I had a deadline for this afternoon. I spent the morning doing the job-work (as a side project, I also spent a lot of time explaining to people that the chocolate cake on the counter behind me wasn’t in celebration of anything – Steve brought it in because he likes cake and thought we might, too. It’s surprisingly difficult to get people to embrace occasion-less cake). I met my deadline and emptied my inbox. I then spent my lunch break taking pictures. I’m now spending what should be work hours blogging and editing said pictures, in the hope that some of them are kinda pretty. And I’m answering work email and trying to anticipate anything I might need to address over the weekend, since I may not be able to get online for a day or so. I’m fortunate that my employers are very tolerant of my side projects, as long as I do what they actually pay me for.


…and now I’ve edited as best I can, and the sneak peeks are here. Really, of course, this post is a lengthy and roundabout excuse for why these pictures are not all that great. But the beads are extra cool, especially the red cotton ones. Look for these and other new designs soon, and have a peaceful and happy weekend. Two days with just one master, in my case.

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5 thoughts on “serving two masters.

  1. b.tanjerine unique jewelry

    I really enjoyed your post and I plan on telling my business partner to look at it. I make jewelry with my friend too. And I know the 2 of us always are trying to get more than 15 things done at one time and we slave for tons of masters as well. We are glad you got a moment to enjoy your work. Have a good week.

  2. K-Dad

    OK, gotta say that I love the red balls and white flowers!

    It’s so sad that I can never give Mom any earrings anymore because she always orders things she finds that she likes!


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