postcards from the playground, week 3.

This week, chestnut brown patina was my constant playmate. Useful because it’s a fairly neutral finish, but much richer and softer than the oxidized finish produced by liver of sulfur. I used it to darken and roughen the blinding bright copper leaves I bought some time ago, and I used it to make two nostalgic pieces in soft colors. I’m not 100% in love with the balance on the cluster earrings, but the rule was that I’d post whatever I did during playground month. So here they are. I do think the colors are lovely, and the vintage brass ball weights on the bottom are one of my most treasured finds. I also made a sweet little pair of sugar bead earrings in the same palette, but without patina.

And never fear, I played in the plastic sandbox too. Here’s a peek at some of tomorrow’s upcoming candy goodness:

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