colors & where they come from.

I get ideas from all kinds of places, but one of my favorite games is to find a photograph, or a page in a catalog, or a swatch on a color blog (Creative Holly Color or Color-Collective, for example) and try to match vintage Lucite beads to my source. It’s sort of like doing a puzzle – it often takes me several tries to get four or five colors or tones into an arrangement that actually echoes the source image. I think it’s fun. I’m nerdy that way. Here are some colorstories that turned into necklaces:

Beach Umbrella Fine Art Photograph by alicebgardens;
nostalgia necklace (coming next week)

swatch taken from color-collective;
poranj necklace

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3 thoughts on “colors & where they come from.

  1. Liz

    I Loooove the nostalgia beach umbrella combo!

    I figure you may be getting tired of “Love the ____!” tweets, so I’m leaving a blog comment instead for variety.

  2. eNVe

    that definitely sounds like a ton of fun! I never even thought of doing that before. I’d always wondered how you came up with your amazing color combos. 🙂


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