glassy sneak peeks.

Last weekend I was finally inspired with some fresh ideas for vintage glass designs. I like bold colors and mostly simple lines at the moment (although there is one pair of messy mismatch in here, and I’m really pleased with them). I was thinking about an idea two of my friends have for superhero school, and the classes that would need to be offered, and suddenly I was off and running with ideas. Don’t ask me how it works, I don’t know…

Oh, and a tiny taste of urban legend, for good measure:

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One thought on “glassy sneak peeks.

  1. lillyella

    ooo I love that second pair of earrings and the necklace! and count me in for superhero school! I have a superpower you know. Shana has the same one. We just havent quite figured out how to use it to save the world yet…


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