how to take a mini vacation without ever leaving your house.

This weekend, Leaves of Glass is going dark.

I’m two weeks into my summer vacation already, and I still haven’t written The List of Things to do on Summer Vacation. Mostly this is because I was launched into it at breakneck speed while still packing up my office for painting/new carpet, chased by three wholesale orders and a bulk order. There wasn’t time to consider the needs of summer vacation until I was already in it. I haven’t even made a reading list, something I usually have ready by March.
So far, I’ve spent my lovely summer days catching up on the contents of my Google Reader (you have 1000+ unread items!), saying yes every time Leslie calls and says “Do you want to…”, and moving the plastic bead collection into a truly staggering pile of boxes for easier access. In the last four days, I’ve also co-founded the Summer 2011 WHAT? Film Festival, with Shana. You’ll be able to read more about that here in the near future. Boiled down to its pure essence, the film festival involves finding the oddest movies we can both access via Netflix, Amazon or Hulu, and watching them together over the phone. We’re very confused, so it’s a rousing success.
None of this, enjoyable as it is, constitutes a plan for the 8 weeks of the year that belong solely to me. I need a plan for this time, or it just slips pleasantly away in bourbon drinks and naps. This particular summer has kind of large demands on it, since I’m supposed to be using it to prepare for my (eventual) move to Portland.
I’ve made a plan to make plans. Distraction is my enemy, so I’m taking Friday, Saturday and Sunday off from phone and internet. I won’t actually hermit myself in my apartment the entire time, but it sounded good for a title, don’t you think? There will be no Twitter, no blogging, no posting of new items or relisting of sold items, no phone calls, no texting and no email. For three days. Unless my parents call. I’m not a monster. I’ll put an announcement in my shop that I’m away for the weekend and will respond to convos on Monday. The next ship date for both shops will be Tuesday, July 5 (no mail on Monday because the nation is independent).
In this age of constant presence, I thought it was best to say that I haven’t fallen into a ditch. I’ll be back on Monday, and will need you to catch me up on all the news. Wish me luck!

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