nerd sunday

I had the nicest morning. I got up early and went to meet my lovely friends for breakfast at Marmalade. We all enjoyed breakfast nerdistry (I had a butternut squash & leek crepe, with dried cherry chicken sausage in a red wine reduction and scrambled eggs), and each of our separate nerdistries involving stamps, babies, ceramics, comic books, beads, craft shows, letterpress, letter writing, boobs, girl scouts, the history of punch, absent friends, and small business chatter. After that, I got a massage and had some Pacific-Northwest-and-the-wearing-of-tights nerd chat with my wonderful massage therapist. Then I went to the comic book store, and geeked out over Unwritten, jack-o-lanterns, small business branding, Swamp Thing, Sweet Tooth, and John Carpenter’s The Thing (I missed a screening they did last night. Boo.). To top off my morning, I went to the liquor store and engaged in some heavy enthusiasm over a case of vintage ports that the wine nerd just scored.

The rush of enthusiasm endorphins will sustain me for a while. I’m reminded of Wil Wheaton talking about John Green’s quote about being a nerd. It’s been blogged and tweeted and tumblr’d several thousand times, but one more won’t hurt. Watch it again, and enjoy liking stuff. I’m gonna drink my tea and watch The Thing on Netflix.

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