My adored grandfather is in physical therapy rehab, following a couple of scary falls. My parents, grandmother and a cousin are taking turns spending the night with him so he never has to be alone overnight, for which they are all my heroes. Dad’s been sending daily reports of progress and events, and this one came yesterday:

“Mother and Dad were cute together tonight. Dad had secreted a small stack of old valentines in his room Saturday evening (which I had stolen from their home stash earlier that day), and was obviously eager to surprise Mother with them. She had brought in on Sunday some of her old cards to him, but he hadn’t looked at any of them yet. So they sat there together, perusing old…valentine sentiments. When Dad reached the end of his pile, he wheeled his chair over to Mother with fresh declarations of affection and a kiss. Or two. :

That’s the sweet stuff. These are two of my favorite pictures of my grandparents. (Grandma apparently disliked the photographer in the camp photo. I love her saddle shoes.)

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