two step.

These two people. I love them a lot. We traveled to Austin, TX together a couple of years ago for the Renegade Craft Fair. While we were lingering on a hillside one evening, waiting to see several hundred thousand bats (whole other story), I took a picture of their shoes (apparently I mainly take pictures of them that don’t show their faces). They both wear awesome shoes, and I loved how these particular pairs of shoes looked standing right next to each other. Their anniversary was coming up, and I flippantly thought “I’ll embroider the shoes and give it to them next month! It’ll be great!” Hubris. I did embroider the shoes, but it took me almost two years.

I took the original photograph, and converted it to a line drawing in Photoshop. Then I transferred it to linen and stitched it. A lot of it didn’t transfer very clearly – the plaid hardly came out at all, so most of that is free-handed and Shawn’s shoes aren’t as detailed as I’d planned. With Shana’s shoes, I had the advantage of having the same pair in my closet for reference. When it was finished, I steamed and starched it and stitched it onto a thin layer of cork, which I then glued onto a small painted bulletin board. Then I sent it off. It’s been a part of my days for a long time, and I kind of miss it; but not as much as I miss them. I love you guys, and I miss your shoes.

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