national poetry month, day 30.

This beauty is a new discovery, and it seemed like the perfect ending note for National Poetry Month. My thanks to everyone who followed this project, and particularly to the friends who have contributed.

I Will Take Anyone to Bed (Poetically Speaking Of Course)

I have made love with Pablo Neruda
On the heights of Machu Picchu
I flashed the tattoo on my thigh
And hitched a lowride with Luis Rodriguez
I have held Adrian Louis close
And danced a wild reservation two-step
Until beer cans and disposable diapers
Spun around us like stars.
I have surrendered to Leonel Rugama’s
Burning adolescent heat
And caressed Roque Dalton
From a luxuriance of bed sheets and red wine.

I stayed up all night reading Sherman Alexie,
Nine months later, I gave birth to twin poems.

This lust is not heterosexual.
I devour Nikki Giovanni and Patricia Smith
Like Sao Tome chocolate.
I have been known to steal away for 
An afternoon tryst with Julia de Burgos.
I wrap Nellie Wong around me like a silk robe.

Tonight, I have a date to share a steamy bath
With Linda Hogan and Joy Harjo
And it’s gonna be gooooood…

 – Sara Littlecrow-Russell

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