I slept late and woke up to a beautiful summer day with warm air like a kiss. I went to breakfast with a friend I love. I repaired her broken necklace at the restaurant table with a pair of pliers from my bag, because I am the necklace ninja. She gave me a charming tiny painting she made. We drank coffee and ate pancakes and watched people and lusted after the tote bags that a street vendor was selling outside the window. I walked through my beautiful city and stopped at one of my favorite shops, where I bought piles of cards and thought about all the people to whom I will send them. I came home and finished a book and wrote a long email. I’ve poured myself a glass of Dogfishhead Sahtea and when it’s gone I will probably pour another. I will read another book, and choose necklaces for Necklace of the Month Club customers. I will stand at my window and watch the neighborhood go by, and I will go to sleep on a beautiful summer night with warm air like a kiss.

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