June is my month for seeing doctors. For the last six years, I’ve seen a lot of doctors because of a thyroid imbalance. It just happened to work out that all my annual check-ins got scheduled for June one year, and there they’ve stayed ever since. So this month can feel like running the gauntlet: it’s a lot of travel and sometimes a lot of trauma. What I’m using to hearing from doctors is this:

  • We need more blood tests
  • I’d like to do a [insert a bunch of medical test initials here]
  • I need to change your dosage, come back in 8 weeks
  • You need to lose weight
  • I’m going to refer you to a specialist

I’ve had two of my annual four appointments in the last week, and they both went like this:

  • You look great
  • You seem happy
  • Your tests are all normal
  • You don’t need this medication any more
  • You’re doing all the right things
  • Call if you need me, but I think you’re good

That feels amazing. I’m crossing my fingers that the next two appointments go just as well. The way I feel today, I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t. Wish me luck.

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